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HON Ceres Work Chair


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In the studio of Ceres designer Wolfgang Deisig, every new concept begins with a question: What can be improved? With Ceres, Deisig set out to improve the back support delivered by work chairs. He conducted motion studies of how people sit and revealed a gap in support as they recline. The kinesthetic design of Ceres addresses this problem, keeping the backrest in constant contact with your lumbar as you sit upright, recline, or move between postures.


HON Ceres Multi-Purpose


The Ceres multi-purpose chair translates the kinesthetic design of Ceres work chairs to seating for guests, training sessions, and other applications throughout the workplace.  No matter how you specify your Ceres multi-purpose chairs - with or without arms, with casters or glides - they stack neatly up to four-high when they're not in use. Available with and without arms, and with casters or glides.  Frames are available in Textured Black and Textured Platinum Metallic.


     HON Solve


Sit With Style

With three back materials, synchro-tilt control and an optional adjustable lumbar support, Solve answers the need for a higher level of personalization. The ilira-stretch mesh back provides responsive support and a softer fit. The geometric ReActiv? back flexes and moves with the user to provide a firmer fit, and an upholstered front can be added to increase support and thermal comfort. Solve helps anyone achieve optimal balance and alignment, making it an ideal solution for everybody. Sit with style.


HON Ignition

The Sit That Fits

The beauty of Ignition is that even though it’s an all-in-one solution, it’s highly customizable. The collection allows you to mix and match adjustment features, back heights and design options. And with coordinating chairs for guests, community spaces and more, Ignition offers an enhanced level of style and comfort. Affordable, Customizable Comfort.


HON Endorse

Control Your Level of Comfort

As work evolves, so does the science of office furniture and our understanding of what supports an optimal work environment. We know staying active is important because movement helps increase blood flow, keeping you refreshed and energized.Endorse can be tailored to almost any setting: executive offices, workstations, conference rooms and visitor spaces. Endorse also enriches the look of the facility, with streamlined shapes and outstanding fit and finish.


HON Nucleus

Comfort From the Inside Out

Kick your worn-out standard office chairs to the curb. Nucleus replaces outdated seating to keep you comfortable at work with an internal seat structure that’s formed by ilira-stretch M4 mesh. This task chair is available with either an upholstered or mesh back that flexes four ways to put instant lumbar support right where you need it.


HON Quotient

Where Form and Function Are Perfectly Divided

With a high density seat foam and a generously-scaled back larger back size, Quotient comfortably supports a wider range of users. The task chair and stool reduce pressure points with a Black ilira-stretch mesh back and an enhanced high-density molded foam seat that follows the body's natural contours. Height- and width-adjustable arms help anyone find the upper body support they need. The perfect blend of comfort and style, Quotient is where form and function are perfectly divided.


HON Motivate

Flexible Enough for Any Environment

Whether you’re gathering for a quick meeting or sitting in a lengthy training session, Motivate delivers the comfort and support you need to stay productive. The advanced contours of the seat and back move with the body to reduce pressure points. As a result, Motivate provides long-lasting, contoured comfort.


HON Lota

Subtle, Simplified Comfort

We all have days where our schedules require us to sit for long periods of time. When those days come, you need a chair that brings you comfort all day long. With Lota’s three-way pivoting arms, intuitive counterbalance support and weight activated controls, you can conquer any assignment with ease.


HON Pillow-Soft

Comfort Isn’t Just for Bedtime

If you’re still not sold on the whole pillow equals productivity thing, try this on for size: Less burnout and exceptional comfort means more energy to get work done faster. Pillow-Soft executive and task chairs combine thick, memory-foam cushioning with built-in lumbar support to reduce fatigue and increase comfort. Loop arms also relieve stress on the shoulder and neck.


HON Purpose

Simple, Adaptable Comfort

 Marcus Koepke designed Purpose using innovative YouFit technology, which creates a chair that intuitively responds to each user’s body. With one single adjustment for seat height, there’s no complex manual adjustments to master here — just advanced engineering that works for you and with you. 




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