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  • HON Solve Seating: The Answer For Comfort and Versatility

    Today’s workers are becoming more mobile, increasing the need for a seating solution that can support them as they transition between individual and collaborative work environments. Solve task chairs were designed to intuitively adapt to each user’s body and movement to provide all day comfort and support as the way we work continues to evolve. For those of you that are struggling with your typical “everyday” office chair… let us SOLVE your problem!

    Solve Seating Statement of Line

    To provide the high level of personalization required to meet the ergonomic and functional needs of a variety of users throughout your space, Solve task chairs and stools feature 3 unique back materials, three ergonomic controls, and an optional adjustable lumbar support and arms. Additional features, such as the seat glide and waterfall seat edge, enhance natural movement and increase leg circulation. The synchronized seat and back move in harmony with the user to provide continuous comfort that can be customized, allowing people to work anywhere from individual workstations to private offices, training areas to meeting rooms.

    Solve seating with ilira-stretch mesh back

    The beauty of Solve is reflected in the design statement it makes for any organization. The new streamlined, geometric ReActiv™ back boasts an interesting hexagonal pattern and is available in two classic colors, Charcoal or Platinum. The upholstered ReActiv back showcases 6 colors from our new Compass fabric, and with the seat available in hundreds of HON fabric selections you have the ability to mix and match for a dual-fabric look! The soft ilira®-stretch mesh back is available in Black to coordinate with virtually any aesthetic.

    Solve Seating with ReActiv Back

    Backed by HON’s Full Lifetime Warranty, the Solve family of chairs offers the flexibility to support an entire space as well as the durability to last for years to come. The applications really are endless! Whatever your workplace need, let Solve be the solution.

    For more information, visit the Solve spotlight page on hon.com.

    Solve Seating with Upholstered ReActiv Back

  • 4 Ways to Get Creative With HON Contain Storage

    While I will always love a classic HON vertical file, Contain is quickly becoming one of my favorites.  HON has recently expanded the Contain storage portfolio, so here are 4 ways you can get creative with this collection in your own workplace.

    1.Optimize Use of Shared Areas

    With the growing number of collaborative spaces in today’s workplace, I recommend adding Contain storage to keep these areas versatile and organized.  A typical shared space can be used to host a business lunch at noon and then for a team meeting in the afternoon. Contain credenzas are perfect for storing anything from flatware and plates to notebooks and pens which allows for seamless transitions between these shared spaces throughout the workday.

    1336-1307-1006 (Contain - Collaborative Area)_Final

    2. Separation of Spaces

    Contain allows you to create boundaries while still promoting an open environment.  Pathways can be created by arranging a line of low credenzas or divide individual workstations by placing a tower between work-surfaces – all while gaining additional storage space.

    HON Contain Storage

    3. Rethink the Private Office

    If you need to revitalize your private office, Contain storage pieces work great with HON desks.  Create your own custom desk by combining Voi work-surfaces and wall mounted storage with a mixture of Contain credenzas, pedestals and towers.  Not only will Contain keep you organized, but it will also allow you to be creative with your finishes by choosing from endless combinations of laminate, paint and pull options.

    HON Contain Private Office Setting

    4. Collaborate by Adding Cushions

    Make Contain collaborative by adding cushions to your pedestals and credenzas.  Cushions are perfect for allowing you and your co-workers to have those impromptu meetings or quick strategy sessions – they also add a fun pop of color and pattern to your space!

    HON Contain Storage

    To help you get even more creative with Contain, check out these inspiration cards.

  • Ergonomics and Chair Adjustment Basics by LB Ehlers

    Ergonomics is a word many of us have heard before; especially, if we are in the office furniture industry. When the topic comes up we usually stand or sit up a bit straighter. But what exactly is ergonomics? And how can you control your personal workspace ergonomics?

    According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, ergonomics is “an applied science concerned with designing and arranging things people use so that people and things interact most efficiently and safely.” One of the things people use on a daily basis is a chair.

    You can begin to control your personal workspace ergonomics by appropriately adjusting your chair. There are four basic adjustments on a task chair that can significantly improve your overall ergonomics:  seat height, seat depth, arm rest position, and back/lumbar support.


    Seat Height


    Your seat height should be adjusted so that your knees are close to a 90 degree angle and your feet are resting flat on the floor or a footrest. Having your chair too high or low can create pressure points throughout the day that effects circulation.

    Seat Depth


    Seat depth should be adjusted so your back comes in contact with the back of the chair. You should also still have enough space between the back of your legs and the front of your seat to place a couple fingers. Again this will eliminate a pressure point while sitting.

    Arm Rest Position


    Arm rests should be used to support your arms in a relaxed position to elevate tension and pressure on your neck and back. Your shoulders should be square and not up by your ears. Your elbows should be closer to your body and not out like “chicken wings.”

    Back Lumbar Support



    Back supports are intended to support the back while sitting and still allowing for some recline movement. You should sit back in your chair and position the lumbar support to support your lower back. Having proper spine alignment helps relieve back and neck strain.

    These examples of adjustable chair features are just a few of many factors that contribute to a more ergonomically safe workplace. Visit hon.com today to learn more about HON’s practical seating solutions that can be customized to fit the needs of almost any user.

  • HON Endorse Seating Solutions For All Aspects of the Workplace

    HON Endorse

    The complex needs of today’s workplace call for a variety of seating solutions that satisfy ergonomic expectations, adapt to market trends, and expand into non-traditional areas. While growing office needs can be complex, the solutions certainly don’t have to be! Whether needs exist for an entire building, conference room or a private office, look no further than the Endorse Collection from HON. Let’s take a look at how this multi-functional line of seating supports various aspects of the modern workplace.

    Behind the Desk

    Here we see Endorse in the most traditional of office applications. A few details that make it a particularly great task chair include:

    HON Endorse

    • Adjustable lumbar support – Making a chair that adequately fits over 90% of all users requires a great amount of flexibility and user-friendly adjustment. The ability to manually adjust the lumbar support mechanism provides consistent and healthy back support for all users.
    • Headrest option – An attachable headrest on the mesh back Endorse task chairs provides exceptional head and neck support throughout the day. Ergonomists everywhere love Endorse for this feature.
    • Have a sit-to-stand desk? No problem. With more and more users requesting standing height worksurfaces, Endorse provides task stools with a synchro-tilt function that enables users to enjoy a more natural recline motion.

    HON Endorse mesh stool

    In the Conference Room

    Endorse chairs are a fabulous fit for conference rooms of all shapes and sizes. Whether you need seating solutions in a boardroom for executive meetings or in a community hub of activity, Endorse offers exceptional comfort and impressive style. Let’s dive in to see what makes it all come together:


    • Dress it up – One of the best visual features of the Endorse Collection is the ability to dress up or dress down based on needs and price points. As we see above, the addition of polished aluminum accents on the arms and the base are sure to impress.
    • Uniformity – Having a consistent look throughout the workplace is exceedingly important for companies.  Endorse provides the ability to incorporate different types of seating across many applications to achieve a recognizable look throughout.
    • The executive chair – Continuing with the full line offering, the executive high-back chair from Endorse provides a sophisticated look that is ideal for conference rooms. Paired with all of the integrated features, users will feel the support of this high-back chair immediately as it contributes to lasting comfort.


    Out in the Lobby

    Completing the conversation of a conformed solution will end where all things begin – the office welcome area. Making a positive, lasting first impression is important for any organization, so the correct furniture selection and placement is essential. The breadth of line with Endorse expands from functional task seating into welcoming and collaborative soft-seating solutions. So, what’s included in all of this?


    • Lounge chairs for all – Within this selection of Endorse seating, we have single, two-seat, and three-seat lounge chairs available. Having a selection such as this will be able to fit into a multitude of applications and organizations. The sleek design fits very well into any environment, and will provide a consistent look throughout.
  • How It's Made: HON Abound Plains Tiles from McKee Button Company by Jackie Celske

    We love our Abound® Workstations for many reasons. Abound is quick to install, easy to reconfigure to fit any workspace, and supports a wide range of material options for a stunning aesthetic (just to name a few). But, beyond how it works, we also love the story behind how Abound is made.

    The beautiful Abound Plains tiles, like the ones you see below, are created just down the street from HON HQ by one of only 4 remaining button manufacturers in the United States. Family-owned McKee Button Company was started back in 1895 when Muscatine, IA was considered to be the Pearl Button Capital of the World. Today, they continue to produce buttons and specialize in custom solid surface materials that can be used for almost any application from home to commercial to retail.


    A few HON members had the privilege of touring the McKee Button Company and were amazed by the unique, labor-intensive process behind the creation of a Plains tile. They wanted to share a few pictures to show you just how unique it is!


    The process starts with a liquid resin which is colored and then mixed with a hardening agent.


    The resulting mixture is poured into a spinning drum until it reaches the perfect consistency.


    When ready, the hardened sheet is peeled out of the spinning drum and cured between heated platens.


    The final product is a beautiful Plains tile!


    Have you ever thought about how your office furniture is made? If you don’t work in this industry, you probably haven’t! We all know what it’s like to get so caught up with work that we take for granted the tools that help support us throughout the workday. So, next time you stop to admire your workspace, remember that behind every beautiful HON product is a beautiful story.

  • Help Joe LaViolette

    If you have a minute, please take a look at this fundraiser for a dear friend of ours. Joe LaViolette was the victim of a tragic hit and run accident and has been in the hospital for sometime now. Fear of medical bills starting to pile up, we are all banding together to help Joe and his family. Any little bit helps. Thank you


  • How Workplace Trends Affect Seating by Amanda Archer

    Panels are dropping. Footprints are shrinking.  These are two common workplace trends that we’ve heard over and over again.  But, have you ever stepped back and asked yourself, “how does this affect seating?”

    Lower panels and light-scale environments make seating more visible throughout the floor plan.  As a result, continuity of seating across all applications becomes very important.  To address this need, HON offers families of seating.  “Families” are comprised of many seating solutions in one universal series, creating a coordinated design language throughout your entire office.

    The photo below exemplifies how our newest seating collection, Endorse, can fit seamlessly into any office space. Whether it is a conference room, private office, workstation or collaborative area, the Endorse collection offers the perfect solution


    Another exciting change happening in our seating portfolio is the addition of Momentum seating fabrics into our core fabric offering.  HON has added 14 new patterns and over 200 colorways ranging from bright to neutral.  Learn more about what HON has to offer by viewing theMomentum and Perspectives Color Card.


  • Office Design Trends for 2014

    Recent years have seen a major shift in office design. Collaboration, flexibility, and mobility have replaced the cramped spaces and private offices of the past as companies and institutions seek environments that encourage interaction and innovation. A new generation of workers has brought new values and work habits with them, and designers have been reenergized by the challenge of making work spaces to meet those needs. Here are a few trends that are driving office design in the second decade of the 21st century.

    More Open Space

    spaceMany companies are finding that opening up the work space with unassigned tables and lounges encourage employees to mix and mingle to brainstorm and work collaboratively. Today’s workers have grown up in a world full of distractions and have learned to tune them out, so open areas with movement and a mixture of sounds is more energizing to them than quiet isolation. Lower walls and open spaces let employees interact more freely and feel more like part of a team.


    Increased Mobility

    mobilityAs office equipment evolves so that workers aren’t tethered to one spot by wires and cords, the ability to move around lets them change their environment rather than being stuck at a desk all day. And as employers and employees alike become more aware of the negative health impact of remaining stationary, the ability to move about and the use of ergonomic furnishings adds to a sense of well-being and productivity.





    More Visual Stimulation

    visual-workstationInstead of confining workers to a static, dull workstation, companies are finding that offices with more open vistas, a view to the outdoors or even access to courtyards and roof decks, plants, and stimulating colors all increase productivity in the new generation of employees.




    More and Less Formal Dining and Break Areas

    space-2With less structure and easier access to dining and break areas, people feel better relaxed and part of the organization. It’s the same trend that’s happening in home design with less importance placed on formal dining rooms in favor of more open spaces to relax and interact over the always enjoyable act of refreshing themselves.



    For an in-depth look at the latest workspace design trends, Gensler & Associates, an international architecture and design firm, has a 2014 Design Forecast that highlights six areas they think will have a major impact on workplace design in the years to come.

    These trends aren’t going unnoticed at Planet Office Furniture, either. With our partner HON, we are constantly launching new products and refreshing existing lines to meet the changing needs of modern offices. From the new ergonomically-designed Purpose™ seating line to Abound®, Initiate®, and Accelerate® workstation solutions, Planet Office Furniture and HON are committed to innovative products and customer solutions that have made us both industry leaders. As a division of Office Liquidators, we bring over 28 years’ experience in office design and furnishing to workspace and classroom solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our professional design department offers total workspace planning services from workflow and décor to furnishings and accessories.

    Take a few moments to browse our website at www.planetofficefurniture.com to see the many ways Planet Office Furniture can make your workspaces both productive and comfortable for the people who live in them. Then drop us an email at support@planetofficefurniture.com or give us a call at 1.866.380.4978 and let us show you how we can help transform your workspaces at prices that can’t be beat.

  • 5 Great Office Chairs Under $175

    You can spend over $1,000 on a plush leather office chair by a top-name designer, but you don’t have to sacrifice comfort and beauty if you’re on a budget. Here are five HON executive chairs from Planet Office Furniture that will have both you and your accountant singing their praises.

    basyx-HON-HVL531--mesh-high-back-leatherGet the cool comfort of a high-back mesh with the premium look and feel of leather with the Basyx by HON HVL531 Mesh High-Back Leather executive office chair. The breathable mesh back is exceptionally comfortable, the SofThread leather seat has a premium look and feel, and its height-adjustable arms give excellent shoulder and upper body support. Listing at $325.00, you can have one at the incredibly low price of $170.63 by ordering online at PlanetOfficeFurniture.com.



    basyx-by-HON-HVL642-black-leatherIf you’re looking for a mid-back chair with thick, deep cushions for comfort and support, the Basyx HVL642 Black Leather Task Chair is the one for you. Its black leather upholstery features pleated stitching for a luxurious, detailed look, and its curved arms are great for a relaxed feel. Its $171.40 online price a savings of more than $88.00 off of list price.




    VL601-black-leatherThe value-priced HON VL601 Black Leather Executive High-Back Chair is a great deal at $156.97. It’s a center-tilt mid-back chair engineered for maximum comfort and stability. Its rich leather upholstery gives a luxurious look and feel and the multiple adjustments accommodate nearly any user’s needs. Plus you save over $66.00 off the list price at Planet Office Furniture’s online store.




    VL171-black-leatherPracticality and professionalism combine in HON’s VL171 Black Leather Mid-Back SofThread Chair. The plush leather upholstery is both stylish and comfortable, making it a perfect choice for both executive and management applications. Only $149.17 at Planet Office Furniture’s online store, the price is hard to beat.




    basyx-HONVL161-black-leatherSave a whopping $107.40 when you buy a Basyx by HON VL161 Mid-Back SofThread Leather Chair online at PlanetOfficeFurniture.com. The luxurious leather upholstery is comfortable and its supportive padded loop arms make sitting to work for long periods even easier. Its five-star base and casters add easy mobility making this a great choice for managers and executives alike.

    Whatever your needs, you’re not alone when it comes to choosing the chair that’s right for you. Planet Office Furniture, a leading seller of HON office furniture and the only exclusive online HON dealer, is there to help.

    From HON’s interactive online chair chooser to Planet Office Furniture’s expert staff, you can be sure to get the chairs that best meet your needs – and get them at a price that can’t be beat.

    Take a few moments to browse our newly-designed website at www.planetofficefurniture.com to see the many ways Planet Office Furniture can make your workspaces both productive and comfortable for the people who live in them. Then drop us an email at support@planetofficefurniture.com or give us a call at 1.866.380.4978 and let us show you how we can help transform your workspaces at prices that can’t be beat.

  • Get the Best Performance from Office Cubicles with Innovative Solutions by HON

    Cubicle workstations have long been recognized as an efficient way to house large numbers of workers while reducing distractions and giving them a fair measure of privacy. While they’ve been around in various forms for quite a while, cubicles came into their own in the late 1950s when a designer named Robert Propst was hired to rethink office employees’ personal space. His “Action Office” debuted in 1964 and the rush to cubicles was on.

    The often compact work area of cubicles puts a premium on efficient use of the space they contain, and refinements of the concept has continued through the present. It has even evolved to the point that CEOs of Silicon Valley companies like Intel and Hewlett-Packard have begun moving out of enclosed offices to cubicles to be closer to the “energy centers” of their businesses.

    This has led to several innovative designs of the original, plain-vanilla office cubicles and the realization that when designing cubicle workspaces, it’s important to consider how they will be used. A call center worker needs less space than someone at an agency or business who will have clients or coworkers in the enclosure for face-to-face contact. Furniture, workspaces and storage need to be sufficient to the task being done and scaled to the size of the workspace.

    Manufacturers like HON have designed and built workstations by the thousands and have learned how to make them work efficiently and comfortably.

    hon-accelerate-systemThe HON Accelerate system combines style, selection and quality in a collection that offers high performance workstations with unparalleled value. It’s designed to adapt and grow with your business while offering a wide range of options to maximize your design freedom.


    abound-frame-&-tile-systemHON’s Abound Frame & Tile Systems give everything you need to outfit reception and open areas to team spaces and private offices. Its frameless glass tiles give access to performance-enhancing natural light while defining personal space and creating clear sightlines.



    initiate-systemThe Initiate System from HON is simple to specify, order and install. It’s an exceptional value while maintaining the look, fit and durability you expect from HON.



    Every office has its own needs and HON has workplace solutions for all of them. The expert staff at Planet Office Furniture is ready to help you choose the one that’s right for you. As a division of Office Liquidators, Planet Office Furniture brings over 28 years’ experience in office design and furnishing to workplace solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our professional design department offers total workspace planning services from workflow and furnishings to accessories and décor.

    Planet Office Furniture is a leading seller of HON office furniture and the only exclusive online HON dealer. Both we and HON are committed to products and customer solutions that have made us each industry leaders. With HON products and Planet Office Furniture’s expert staff, you can be sure to get the office design that best meet your needs – and get it at a price that can’t be beat.

    Take a few moments to browse our website at www.planetofficefurniture.com to see the many ways Planet Office Furniture can make your offices both productive and comfortable for the people who work in them. Then drop us an email at support@planetofficefurniture.com or give us a call at 1.866.380.4978 and let us show you how we can help transform your workspaces into better places for you, your staff and your customers.

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